Top Reasons to Stay at a Smaller Beachfront Motel for Your Beach Vacation

If you're going on a beach vacation soon, you are obviously going to need to find accommodations so that you will have somewhere to stay. Depending on the beach that you're visiting, a smaller beachfront motel might be a better choice. These are some of the top reasons why a motel might be a great choice.

Enjoy a Prime Location

First of all, if you choose a beachfront motel, you will be able to enjoy beautiful views and easy access to the beach. In fact, many of these motels even have private access to the beach that can be used exclusively by guests.

Keep Your Accommodation Costs Down

You might assume that staying in a smaller beachfront motel will be quite expensive, as you might be well aware that oceanfront property is quite valuable real estate. However, in many cases, if you choose a smaller motel instead of a big, fancy beachfront resort, you'll find that costs are much lower. Of course, this depends on the specific properties in the area, your travel dates, and a few other factors. It's always a good idea to compare costs between beachfront motels and other properties in the area before booking your trip, especially if you're on a tight budget.

There are other ways you can save money when staying in a beachfront motel, too. For example, visiting during the week (instead of on weekends) or visiting during the off-season are often good ways to save.

Enjoy a More Intimate Experience

When you stay in a large resort at the beach, you might feel as if the whole experience is a bit impersonal. When you stay in a smaller beachfront motel, however, you might enjoy a more intimate experience. You may have more of a chance to chat with the employees or the people who are staying in the rooms around you. You may not have to worry about walking as far to your room or dealing with long lines.

Enjoy Extras

You might think that your amenities will be limited if you stay in a beachfront motel instead of a bigger resort, but you might find this simply is not the case. Many beachfront motels have on-site bars or restaurants, swimming pools, and more. Of course, again, this does depend on the property. If you're interested in staying in a beachfront motel during your upcoming beach vacation, you should compare the amenities offered by the different motels in the area.

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