Are You Looking to Book a Trip to a Bed and Breakfast? Four Questions to Ask Before Booking

If you are looking for a more private and intimate experience while you are on a trip or getaway, you may be looking to stay at a bed and breakfast. Many bed and breakfasts are family-owned, and as such, many bed and breakfasts are unique. Researching or asking the right questions can help guide you toward a bed and breakfast that is perfect for your trip and provides you with the experience you are looking to have. Here are a few of the questions to ask before booking a bed and breakfast. 

How Many Rooms Does Your Bed and Breakfast Have?

One of the questions that you want to ask prior to booking a bed and breakfast is how many rooms the bed and breakfast has. Bed and breakfasts are typically regular homes that have been converted into a bed and breakfast. As such, some bed and breakfasts may only have one room for guests, while others may have a few rooms. The number of rooms may affect how quiet and how crowded the space is, so always ask this question. 

Does Each Room Have a Private Bathroom, or Are Bathrooms Shared? 

Another important question to ask before booking a bed and breakfast is whether your room has a private bathroom or whether bathrooms are shared. When you book a hotel, you expect a private bathroom. However, bed and breakfasts do not always have a private bathroom. They can be shared. If a private bathroom is important to you, it is important to ask this question. 

Do You Have Rooms Available On the First Floor? 

It is not uncommon for a bed and breakfast to be two stories. In many cases, the bottom floor is used by the staff. That is where cooking takes place and greeting guests takes place. However, if you have mobility issues or cannot navigate stairs, you need to ensure the place you are booking has rooms on the first floor. It is rare that a bed and breakfast has an elevator. 

What Is Included in the Price? 

Lastly, you always want to ask a bed and breakfast what is included in the price. Your nightly accommodations and breakfast are typically included. However, some bed and breakfasts also offer dinner or wine and snacks in the evening. Always learn what you get for the price to find a bed and breakfast that appeals to you. 

Bed and breakfasts are typically family-owned or run by only a couple of people. As such, you may find that each bed and breakfast is slightly different. Whether you are looking to have a private and romantic getaway, or you just want something quieter and smaller than a large hotel, a bed and breakfast may be ideal for your next getaway or vacation. 

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