The Benefits of Choosing an Aparthotel

When booking travel accommodation, the first thing that comes to mind is a hotel. However, there are more convenient, flexible, and affordable accommodation options in the hospitality sector. One compelling option is the aparthotel, also known as a serviced apartment that offers home-like amenities. So, is renting an aparthotel a good idea? 

Less Costly 

Travelers tend to shy away from serviced apartments for the thought that it is expensive. Usually, the perception of pricey accommodation relates to the many amenities and services available in an aparthotel. The reality is that a serviced apartment is less costly than a standard hotel. For instance, a hotel charges a daily fee on a fixed rate, while aparthotel charges as per the duration of the stay. Therefore, it is much cheaper to stay in aparthotel for an extended period. Also, you can save money by cooking for yourself and holding your business meetings in the aparthotel rather than seeking external meeting venues.

More Living Space 

A serviced apartment offers more living and working space compared to a hotel. In a hotel setup, you usually get a single room. However, you get a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen under the same roof when you book an apartment. Some apartments will have more than one bedroom. This way, an aparthotel is ideal for families or groups on tour. In addition, the aparthotel comes fully furnished. Thus, you will get a living room with comfy sofas and a dining space. Notably, you also get a fully fitted and equipped kitchen where you can cook for yourself. 

Meeting Spaces

An aparthotel also caters to your meeting needs. Thus, you do not have to find an external meeting venue when on a business trip. Instead, you can meet in your apartment, which provides privacy and convenience. Typically, the living room is spacious enough and furnished with sofas, armchairs, and tables necessary for a meeting. Also, serviced apartments have Wi-Fi connectivity which facilitates your teleconferencing needs. Thus, you can host your business partners in the confines of your aparthotel and reduce meeting costs. 

Access to On-Site Services 

Aparthotels provides all the necessary services required to enhance the guest experience. Essentially, you will have access to housekeeping services such as cleaning, dusting, and garbage removal. Unlike hotels, you have more freedom to decide the time and frequency of housekeeping. Then, you can access laundry and cooking services. Better still, you have the flexibility to carry out the tasks yourself. Thus, you can request support services or live independently, depending on your needs and budget. In addition, you still enjoy shared amenities such as equipped gyms and a swimming pool for active living. 

If you want an accommodation facility that fits your budget, offers flexibility and a home-like environment, go for serviced apartments. However, do your due diligence before booking since service quality differs across aparthotels. 

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