Three Reasons To Book A Guest House Vacation Rental

When you browse a vacation rental website, you'll see all sorts of different options. While there are lots of homes that you can book to visit while the owners are away, there are other scenarios that may catch your attention. Many people list guest houses for people to book. A guest house is a separate dwelling on the same property — often, just a short distance from the main house. While guest houses are smaller than main houses, they can be an exciting choice for a getaway. Here are three reasons to book a guest house vacation rental for your upcoming trip.

Close Proximity To The Owner

When you book a guest house vacation rental, you'll often find that the owner of the property will be in their main home during your stay instead of away from the area. This can be appealing to lots of people. If you're traveling alone but you don't like to feel isolated, you may take comfort in knowing that the owner isn't very far away. Additionally, if you run into any questions about the dwelling during your stay, it will be convenient to simply approach the owner and ask for help instead of trying to reach them by phone.

It May Feel Less Like Someone Else's Space

If you've stayed in several different vacation rentals over the years, you've likely noticed that some are decorated with the family's items. For example, if a family occasionally travels and lists its home on a vacation rental site during these times, the home may be filled with family photos, have children's artwork on the fridge, and other such elements. While this decor may be appealing to some guests, others may find that they don't feel as relaxed during their stay because it's always apparent that they're in someone else's space. This won't generally be an issue in a guest house. Because people seldom live in their guest houses, they'll often decorate these spaces in more of a generic way that is suitable for guests.

The Vibe May Be More Intimate

Many guesthouses have an intimate vibe, in part due to how small they are. If you're traveling on your own or with your significant other, you might favor a small, intimate form of lodging instead of a spacious house. This can especially be the case if you're planning a romantic weekend getaway. In a small guest house, you'll rarely be more than a few feet apart from one another, which can suit a romantic getaway well.

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