Why You Should Book A Hotel Near Ship Island Excursions

Planning a summer vacation or even just a weekend getaway can be fun and exciting. If you are looking for a little adventure that isn't too far from home, you might want to head out to Ship Island. While some locals enjoy spending the entire day there, if you are not from the area, you can plan your vacation here and book a hotel near Ship Island.

Here are some great reasons why you should book a hotel near Ship Island for your next vacation.

Ferry Or Boat Ride To The Island

One of the best things about booking a hotel near these kinds of excursions is that not only can you stay in a relaxing hotel, but you can enjoy either a ferry ride or a private charter boat ride to the island. The ferry ride can provide a great experience itself.

Depending on what time of year you decide to go, either spring or summer, for example, you could potentially spot dolphins swimming or even the occasional shark or other marine life. The ferry should have a snack bar and friendly staff. If you prefer a private charter, you could spend part of your day driving around the Gulf of Mexico enjoying watching marine life or even scuba diving.

Some hotels near Ship Island offer discounts on private charters or the ferry itself, and you could potentially find other offers on excursions you are interested in as well.

Close To Hiking Trails

If you enjoy hiking or even just going for long walks among nature trails, then you might want to consider booking a hotel near Ship Island. You will be close to popular hiking and walking trails that cover the entire island if you are adventurous enough to hike them.

The island boasts beautiful scenery that changes depending on where you walk. If you wish to stay closer to your hotel, the area surrounding most hotels in this region is also great for hiking and enjoying walks to local shops and restaurants.

Head To The Beach

When you book a hotel near Ship Island, you may find that many of them are located on or near their own beach. You could be steps away from enjoying the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico without having to go too far from where you are staying. This is perfect if you wish to spend a relaxing day in the sun and take a break from your adventures.

If you wish to head out to Ship Island, however, you will also find a white sand beach and crystal blue waters. The beach is a popular spot on the island and is one of the top reasons to head there. Contact hotels near Ship Island excursion options for more information. 

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