What You Think You Know About Hotels May Not Be True

Everyone knows what a hotel is, and most people have stayed in one, at least on occasion. However, there are some misconceptions about hotels that are, unfortunately, widely believed. You deserve to know the truth behind these misconceptions, whether you stay in hotels once a year or regularly.

Misconception: You can get a better deal by booking through a third-party website.

Many third-party hotel booking websites advertise as though they will save you a fortune on hotel stays. But actually, you can often get a better deal by calling the hotel directly and booking straight through them. Plus, the pricing scheme will be less complicated this way. You won't be left trying to figure out what coupon codes may or may apply and which are expired. It's easier for hotels when you book directly through them, so they typically reward this convenience at good prices.

Misconception: Hotel bathrooms are dirty.

You probably shouldn't eat off the floor of the hotel bathroom, but you would not eat off of your own bathroom floor, either. The truth is, hotel cleaning staff spend a significant amount of their time cleaning the rooms' bathrooms since this is where germs are most likely to be. You don't have to touch the toilet handle with toilet paper on your hand or wear flip flops in the shower; these surfaces will have been sanitized.

Misconception: Only cheap hotels get bed bugs.

Many people pay more to stay in a fancy hotel solely because they don't want to get bed bugs. But bed bugs do not care whether a hotel costs $50 a night or $500 a night. If a guest brings them in, then they will be there until the hotel hires an exterminator to get rid of them. Even the fanciest of hotels has had bed bugs. The best way to avoid getting them is to check the mattress before accepting a room, keep your things off the floor, and launder everything in hot water when you get home. Follow these steps regardless of the cost of the hotel room you stay in. 

Hopefully, this article has cleared up a few of the more common misconceptions about hotels. Remember to call hotels and book directly, be careful about bed bugs regardless of the price of your room, and not to worry so much about the bathroom. Enjoy your stay, wherever it might be. Contact a hotel for more information. 

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