Look For These Amenities In A Family-Friendly Hotel

When you travel with kids, you must take their needs and preferences into account every step of the way — including when you look for a hotel. More and more, certain hotels are beginning to offer amenities that are appealing to children and their families. What amenities should you be looking for in a family hotel? Start with the following:


After sitting in a car or plane for hours on end, kids often feel cooped-up and need to expend some energy. A playground is a great place for them to do this! Hotels in warmer climates usually have outdoor playgrounds, but you may see some hotels in cooler climates with indoor playgrounds — some with ball pits or tunnels.

Kids' Activities

Many hotels are also beginning to offer organized activities for kids. There may be scheduled games like capture the flag, nature walks, or even coloring sessions. As a parent, you might be able to leave your kids at one of these activity sessions while you tackle a few tasks like unpacking, researching your destination, or making phone calls.


Instead of renting out single rooms, many family-friendly hotels give you the option of staying in a suite. The suite may have two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living area with a kitchenette. Having your kids sleep in a separate bedroom will give you all a little more peace and quiet at night, and having a space to cook will allow you to save some money on meals in comparison to eating out. (Eating out gets expensive when you have little ones to feed!)

Kid-Friendly Breakfasts

You can expect a family-friendly hotel to offer a continental breakfast with kid-friendly options. They might offer waffles, muffins, and yogurt tubes, for example. It's really nice to know your kids can start the day with a filling meal they will actually eat and that you don't have to prepare!

Daycare or Babysitting

What if you have to attend a meeting while in town? What if you need a few hours to yourself to catch up on work remotely? Family-friendly hotels often employ babysitters who can either come to your hotel room and watch your child for a few hours or watch your child in a separate space within the hotel.

The family-friendly amenities above will make your stay more enjoyable. To learn more, contact a hotel that advertises itself as being great for kids.

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