Are You A Veteran & Want To Plan A Unit Reunion? Rent A Cabin!

The military is a tight-knit community. Many veterans say the camaraderie they felt with other service members is the best part of their military service. Veterans tend to look back on their time in the service and reminisce, particularly about the friends they've met along the way.

Since leaving the service, veterans have gone on with their lives while occasionally thinking of their fellow service members and wondering how everyone has been doing. While some may have gathered here and there over the years, there isn't anything quite like a whole-unit reunion. Does it seem like a daunting task to coordinate? It may not be. Read on.

Choose a Location & Accommodations

Since everyone in your unit has likely scattered throughout the United States, it's a good idea to choose a central location, such as Oklahoma or Kansas. To keep everyone together as a large group, rent several cabins that are near each other rather than rooms in hotels that may be across town.

Even more reason for renting a cabin is that each platoon can be accommodated in their own large cabin or two smaller adjoining ones. And, since cabins typically have fully equipped kitchens, you and your fellow veterans can save a lot of money by preparing meals in the cabins rather than constantly having to eat out or have food delivered. Additionally, for those with children accompanying them, cabins can be a more fun-filled and memorable experience for them.

Travel & Transportation

To make things easier on you, ask everyone who will attend to make their own travel arrangements to the destination. However, since a reunion is definitely a group gathering, some of the attendees may be able to buddy up for group rate discounts on airlines. If your unit has a social media group or message board, your fellow veterans can utilize it to coordinate flight arrangements. Of course, remind everyone to ask for a military or veteran discount when they book their airplane tickets. 

For transportation between the airport and the cabin rentals, ask the cabin rental agency if they provide transportation from the airport to the cabins. If they don't, ask if they have any recommendations for you. Alternatively, consider renting several large 15-passenger vans, depending on the size of your reunion. Another option is to have everyone find their own transportation to and from the airport. 

In conclusion, military reunions are an exciting time for everyone to catch up on each other's lives. Cabin rentals are ideal because they have all the amenities and are comfortable for get-togethers.

To learn more about your options, contact a company like Beavers Bend Luxury Cabin Rentals.

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