Pet-Friendly Hotels Can Do More Than Just Welcome Your Dog

Pet-friendly hotels have been around for a while now, but many of them offer more than just a simple place to stay for your dog, cat, or pretty much any other animal you have. If you are traveling with a dog, for example, they will be treated just as well as you will.

Pet-friendly hotels can and many do offer more than just a warm place for your dog to stay. Here is what you could expect at some.

Personalized Butler

Some hotels offer your dog their very own personalized butler. While your own butler will unpack your suitcase and keep your room clean, your dog can also have a similar service. They can create menus fitted to your dog's dietary needs, take your dog for walks on the beach or through the hotel gardens, and make sure their water bowl and food bowl is filled.

If your hotel is on a beach, a dog butler can set up a cabana or an umbrella for your dog to rest in the shade.

New Accessories and Photo Shoots

There are some high-end hotels that offer your dog new accessories such as leather collars, brand-new leashes, and even new toys to play with. They might even receive booties for when they are taken out for walks around the city or to a nearby dog park to keep their paws warm and free from snow and ice.

Some hotels offer photoshoots for your dog as well. These are professionally done shots complete with backdrops, props or toys and finished so you get a good product.

Pet Groomers Or Spas

Many hotels offer spas or salons for guests, and now pet-friendly hotels also offer in-hotel dog grooming or spa treatments. This means you can take your dog to a professional groomer for a haircut or trim, wash, and nail trimming. Some might offer special dyes to put temporary color in your dog's fur if you so choose.

Spas offer dog massages, organic foods, dog booties or robes, and more.

At some hotels or resorts, especially those that offer their guests in-room massages, your dog can receive their massage and spa treatment in your room.

Dog Beds and Treats

Many dog-friendly hotels offer comfortable to luxurious dog beds and mats for your pet to sleep on. They also offer treats like toys to play with, bones, cookies, and even steak chunks for your dog to enjoy.

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