3 Reasons Travel Bloggers Head to Central America

Traveling around the world is a dream for many people. In 2015 more Americans traveled overseas than ever before, with 73 million taking a trip outside the country. The Internet has made it easier than ever to discover which new locales are interesting and where one can stay. One group that likes to stay ahead of the game is travel bloggers. Travel blogs are a great resource for any traveler, and bloggers can have an impact on what areas of the world become popular destinations. Central America is becoming more and more popular with these bloggers. Here are three reasons why travel bloggers head to Central America and why other travelers should too.

Beautiful Beaches Close By

Relaxing on a picturesque beach is what many people consider to be incredibly relaxing. The beach is also a great backdrop for dedicated travel bloggers. For beach lovers, Central America has it all. The countries adjoining the Caribbean offer up crystal-clear waters that are warm year round. The Pacific side is rougher and offers up plenty of hidden surf spots. For those who like to hop around from inland areas to the beach, the good news is that there is no spot in Central America located more than 125 miles from the sea.

Mayan Ruins

The ancient Mayan civilization certainly left its mark on the landscape of Central America. These ruins are scattered throughout the region and offer up an amazing look into the past. They also make for great travel photos! There are ruins and sites near the beach as well as far inland. One study has found more than 4,000 Maya sites in Central America. Some popular places that travelers can visit and see Mayan ruins include Tulum, Tikal, Chichen Itza, and Palenque. These amazing ruins contrasted with beautiful landscapes are a travel blogger's dream.

Fantastic Resorts

Another reason that travel bloggers love Central America is the fact that there are plenty of fantastic resorts to choose from. Resorts in Central America run the gamut from island getaways to mountain hideaways. There are also resorts that cater to various price points ranging from affordable bargains to luxurious retreats. There is a resort in Central America that fits every traveler or travel blogger's budget. Staying in a resort also has a few benefits. Resorts are happy to help direct travelers to either adventure or relaxation!

Travel bloggers love heading to Central America. This part of the world offers up beautiful beaches, amazing Mayan ruins, and adventure around every corner. There are also plenty of amazing resorts in Central America that can cater to any traveler's needs. 

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