What To Do On The First Morning Of Your First Overnight Spring Fishing Trip

Upgrading your annual spring fishing trip from a smaller day trip to an overnight, weekend-long fishing getaway is a big step, and all that freedom can be hard to manage for any fisherman. Using the extra time that you've gained from staying the night, the possibilities for relaxation or improving the day's fishing are endless. Here are some steps to take before your line even hits the water on your first morning of your first overnight fishing trip. 

Scout the Area

In order to get the most of your day fishing, good planning revolves around the conditions on the river or lake the very day you're there, so a little work just a couple hours before you head out can make a world of difference. Things like weather conditions should be noted as well as water level, flow rate (if you're fishing a river) and clarity. Also, see if you can scout out any spots that might resemble a more familiar structure from your home waters, since attacking these first to get acquainted will give you some confidence later in the day. Also, try asking the hotel concierge about fishing around the area, especially if your river's edge suite is geared towards anglers and sportsmen.  

Tie Up Your Favorite Lures

Once you've done your reconnaissance, you'll have enough info to start readying your tackle for the day based on the conditions outside. A good idea here if you're fly fishing is to have a portable fly tying rig so you can best match the hatch without having to bring a huge array of flies to anticipate conditions on the water. Checking around with local bait shops will also give you an idea of what to expect when your line hits the water for the first time. 

Eat a Good Breakfast

One thing that far too many anglers forget about when out on a big fishing expedition is eating to stay energized all day. Even if you're planning on having a classic shore lunch when noon rolls around, this tradition is dependent on fishing success, which is never guaranteed. Having a good breakfast not only will help you feel more up to fishing at the crack of dawn, but hedges against a poor catch that may impede lunch. Foods like pancakes and wild game sausage will stick to your ribs and keep you on the water longer than fishermen with more meager eats who have to break for lunch sooner and miss out on some great fishing. 

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