Three Good Reasons To Retire In Ecuador

Ecuador has a lot to offer tourists. If you decide you want to live in Ecuador for any part of the year or long-term after you retire, you may want to know what makes Ecuador a good place to live. Here are three good reasons to invest in one or more Ecuador homes for sale.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ecuador is excellent in many ways. Most of your groceries, with the exception of a gallon of milk, are less costly than in the U.S. Part of the reason for this is that much of the produce grown in this country is grown all year long in the tropical weather and hot regions of the country. Crops also grow quickly and easily, producing grain, wheat and products made from flour in abundance.

Water Supply and Sanitation

Unlike many other developing countries and countries in South and Central America, Ecuador has an excellent water supply and sanitation system. If you buy a home in one of Ecuador's major cities, such as Quito (the country's capital), your plumbing will deliver clean and healthy water to your home. Even when there might be a question about the purity of the water or concerns about the safety of the water (which is rare in the cities), you can still buy bottled water for pennies per bottle.

Access to Apartments and Beachfront Condos with Low Interest Rates

Real estate prices are comparable with those in the U.S. when compared to small- to mid-sized homes. The real treats are the low interest rates and low taxes that make property invaluable to American retirees and middle class citizens looking for an exotic locale to call home. In addition to buying an apartment or a condo in Ecuador, as a first-time Ecuadorian homeowner you can use extra funds from your retirement accounts to buy up extra properties, which you can immediately rent out to tourists or renovate and then rent out to tourists for a good return on your investment.

Who to Contact

If you decide you are serious about buying one or more properties in Ecuador, then you should peruse Ecuador real estate listings to see what is available. Before you place a bid on a property or buy it outright, be sure to fly to the country and see the property in person. Then speak to an Ecuadorian real estate agent to finalize your purchase or purchases.

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