Resorts That Cater To Families With Children

Traveling with children takes extra planning and preparation but it is time well spent. When planning a family trip, choose a resort that caters to families with children and offers special children's amenities, programs and play areas. Some child-friendly resorts are even staffed with child-care assistants and play leaders. Here are some things to look for in a resort that caters to families with children: 

Discounted Rates - Children qualify for discounted room rates when staying in the same room or suite as their parents or guardians in a child-friendly resort. Examples of some typical children's discounts at these resorts include:

  • Children from birth through age 5 stay free.
  • Children from age 6 through 11 qualify for a 50% discount on room rates.
  • Children from age 12 through 17 qualify for a 20% discount on room rates.

Children's Accommodations - Special accommodations can be arranged with a child-friendly resort to provide suitable beds and furniture for children. Ask for a family room or suite that has the following accommodations, as needed:

  • A crib with child-guard slats for an infant or very young child.
  • A small roll-out or fold-up bed for younger children.
  • A special bed or chair shaped to resemble a car, plane, rocket or animal. 
  • A children's room in your suite with colorful wall paper and fun decorations. 
  • A television with children's programming and a video game console.

Child-Friendly Amenities - Resorts that cater to families with children will have many age-appropriate amenities. Some resorts offer child-friendly amenities that include:

  • A swimming pool with a life guard on duty and some fun features such as waterfalls, a waterslide, a rope swing, a shallow splash area just for kids, a play island with toys, inflatable rafts for floating and organized water games.  
  • A restaurant with a child-friendly menu that offers meals such as pasta, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches in smaller portions.
  • A separate kid's game room where young children can meet other kids, play with toys and watch kid-friendly videos and play games. Some child-friendly resorts even provide a costumed character to interact with children and lead them in scavenger hunts, hide and seek, and other group games and activities. 
  • A separate game room for older children with an arcade where they can play pinball, pool, foosball, darts and ping-pong. 
  • An outdoor play yard for young children with swings, a slide, a jungle-gym, a maze, a trampoline, a play house, a miniature golf course and other outdoor play activities. 

Location Attractions - Choose a resort in a location that has nearby kid-friendly entertainment and attractions such as:

  • A water park - where children can swim and play.
  • A movie theater - with child-appropriate movies.
  • A city playground - where children can get some outdoor exercise and physical activity.
  • An amusement park - with rides, a carousel and other interactive activities.
  • A children's museum - with fun and educational exhibits.
  • A zoo - with animals, animal shows and exhibits. 

More and more resorts are catering to families with children. Not only can children be amused for hours on-site, but parents and guardians can relax and watch or join in these special activities as desired. Staying in a resort that caters to families with children can make the difference between an ordinary trip and a fun-filled excursion for the whole family. 

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