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3 Reasons Travel Bloggers Head to Central America

Traveling around the world is a dream for many people. In 2015 more Americans traveled overseas than ever before, with 73 million taking a trip outside the country. The Internet has made it easier than ever to discover which new locales are interesting and where one can stay. One group that likes to stay ahead of the game is travel bloggers. Travel blogs are a great resource for any traveler, and bloggers can have an impact on what areas of the world become popular destinations. Central America is becoming more and more popular with these bloggers. Here are three reasons why travel bloggers head to Central America and why other travelers should too.

Beautiful Beaches Close By

Relaxing on a picturesque beach is what many people consider to be incredibly relaxing. The beach is also a great backdrop for dedicated travel bloggers. For beach lovers, Central America has it all. …

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Going On Vacation With A Parent Who Has Dementia? Use These Four Tips

If you’re traveling on vacation with a parent with dementia, it’s important that you take a few extra steps to prepare for his or her comfort and safety. Preparing for problems ahead of time is also a good way to take some of the stress off of yourself so that you’re able to relax as well. Follow these tips:

1.) Keep all necessary paperwork handy.

You need to make sure that your parent’s physician information, pharmacy, list of current medications, list of allergies, health insurance cards, and emergency contacts (other than yourself) are all together when you travel. It’s best to make a copy for your car and your pocketbook or backpack. That way, you have a backup copy if necessary. You should also take along a copy of his or her living will and guardianship papers as well.

2.) Make sure that your parent is wearing identification.

Consider having an …

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What To Do On The First Morning Of Your First Overnight Spring Fishing Trip

Upgrading your annual spring fishing trip from a smaller day trip to an overnight, weekend-long fishing getaway is a big step, and all that freedom can be hard to manage for any fisherman. Using the extra time that you’ve gained from staying the night, the possibilities for relaxation or improving the day’s fishing are endless. Here are some steps to take before your line even hits the water on your first morning of your first overnight fishing trip. 

Scout the Area

In order to get the most of your day fishing, good planning revolves around the conditions on the river or lake the very day you’re there, so a little work just a couple hours before you head out can make a world of difference. Things like weather conditions should be noted as well as water level, flow rate (if you’re fishing a river) and clarity. Also, see if you …

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A Few Tricks For Taking Your Weight-Loss Diet On Your Vacation

When you are trying to lose weight, sticking to your diet is not always easy even when you are eating at home every day. You may allow yourself to indulge if you go out to a restaurant every once in a while, and this can often help you to avoid temptation when you are eating at home. However, when you are going on vacation you may be eating in a restaurant daily, and dealing with daily temptations to indulge. Here are a few tricks that will help you stay on your diet so you won’t feel too guilty when you get home.


Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can add a lot of calories to your diet. It is best if you can drink diet sodas, black or herbal teas, water or black coffee with your meals. If you know you are going to have a few drinks, be sure …

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Turning Your Vacation Home Into A Vacation Rental Property

Having a second home you use as your own vacation getaway can be a great way to spend summers and winter holidays in a place that you love. If your vacation house or condominium sits vacant the rest of the year, you could be missing out on valuable income that could help you cover the cost of your mortgage and put extra money in your pocket. Here are a few tips for making your home a profitable vacation rental for tourists.

Give Your Space A Light Makeover

While you don’t need to renovate your vacation property completely, you should do a few things to make the space more guest-friendly and prevent any personal items from becoming lost or stolen. Remove family photos and any personal mail or paperwork that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. If you have any treasured family heirlooms, remove them from the home as well. …

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Three Good Reasons To Retire In Ecuador

Ecuador has a lot to offer tourists. If you decide you want to live in Ecuador for any part of the year or long-term after you retire, you may want to know what makes Ecuador a good place to live. Here are three good reasons to invest in one or more Ecuador homes for sale.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ecuador is excellent in many ways. Most of your groceries, with the exception of a gallon of milk, are less costly than in the U.S. Part of the reason for this is that much of the produce grown in this country is grown all year long in the tropical weather and hot regions of the country. Crops also grow quickly and easily, producing grain, wheat and products made from flour in abundance.

Water Supply and Sanitation

Unlike many other developing countries and countries in South …

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